For the last 10 years, the “Orizondas” Sports Club has been organizing the “HYPERKOPELI” sports event to support children and adults suffering from cancer. A day filled with many activities, sports, entertainment, cultural, all in a spirit of mutual support and solidarity.

This year, the event is going…virtual*! With adaptations to today’s data, the well-known “Hyperkopeli” this year will become “e-perkopeli”, with the aim of once again exercising and at the same time helping our fellow human beings, who need our support, more than at any other time!

*What are Virtual Races? These are virtual races that anyone can participate from wherever they are, as long as they walk/run/swim/cycle a specific distance defined by the type of race and record it with a smart watch, band or a simple app on mobile

So the 1st virtual Amateur Triathlon Race “e-perkopeli” September 27th to October 4th. A race unlike any other, without qualifying positions and mandatory timing, where everyone is a winner!

Each participant chooses the day, the time (within the predetermined time period: 27/09-4/10/20) and the location (within and outside Greece) that they wish to complete their race. Specifically, 600m swimming, 25km cycling and 10km running. Entries are valid as long as, upon completion of the race, a recording from a smart watch, band or a simple mobile app is sent to the organization’s email:: yperkopelichania@gmail.com, which will be posted on the Organization’s Facebook page. Optional: photo (person, their equipment or location).

Cost of Participation: 15 euros donation to the “Horizon” Association.

  • Participation includes: commemorative t-shirt of the Event, cap, bib number, waterproof mobile phone case, medal and commendation
  • Group entries (3-4 people) with or without a disabled participant will be valid, with the possibility of creating a team, where the participants will be able to complete their race together or share the sports, even in different parts of Greece or other country.

Become the 1st virtual Supergirl and support the work of “Orizondas”!

Registration has begun!

Register by 13/09/20 online: www.yperkopeli.gr | yperkopelichania@gmail.com

or fill out the registration form here: εδώ

As part of the event, the 5 km “Open Horizons” Road Race/Dynamic Walk will be held, with the main goal of interaction between volunteer groups, charitable associations, foundations, structures and the promotion of their work and actions.The virtual format of the games gives us for the first time the opportunity to collaborate with teams, associations and institutions from all over Greece and Cyprus.. The participation in the “Open Horizons” race amounts to 5 euros per person to support any association, institution, etc. they wish, promoting their work and with the aim of promoting the message of volunteerism.

Participants in the “Open Horizons” Competition:

  • They don’t have to be athletes
  • They register directly with the association they wish to support (participating associations will be announced soon), financially supporting its work with their donation
  • They can complete the Race in any place (inside and outside Greece) and whenever they wish (within
    fixed time period: 27/09-4/10/20)
  • Must send proof of participation photo (personal, equipment or location)
    and/or the recording of their Race from a smart watch, band or a simple mobile app to the email:
    yperkopelichania@gmail.com (Relevant material will be posted on social media – if the participant wishes)

The whole event is carried out by the “Orizondas” Association and their Athletics partners, with the aim of
informing the world, raising awareness of our association’s programs, promoting volunteerism, promotion of the project and other associations/institutions/social structures and the collection of money to support them families in need

The “Orizondas” Voluntary Offer and Support Association was founded in 2004 in Chania (no. 210/2004 decision of the Court of First Instance of Chania, certified by the National Register of Private Sector Entities and the Special Register of Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations), is a non-profit association and is active in the context of volunteering. Its purpose is to support children and adults suffering from cancer (financial aid, accommodation in the 7 hostels it has in Athens, securing transport tickets to and from the place of treatment, covering the costs of examinations and treatments not covered by the insurance funds, etc.) as well as its promotion volunteering (organization of events, informative actions, educational programs and sports events).

More information: 2821079650