HYPERKOPELI 10 – year 2019

On Sunday, October 13, at Agios Apostolis, 10 years of “HYPERKOPELI”

For the tenth year this year in Chania, the now known to all of us “Hyperkopeli”, organized by the “Orizondas” Sports Club , for the support of children and adults suffering from cancer. A day filled with many activities, sports, entertainment, cultural, all in a spirit of mutual support and solidarity.

The day begins with the Hyperkopeli events known and loved by all of us: the Hyperkopelaki and the Hyperkopeli, triathlon competitions of an amateur nature for young and old. A race different from the others, a “race for life”, with the purpose of participation and not victory, without qualifying positions and official timing.Groups consisting of two (2) or three (3) people can also participate in Hyperkopeli, provided that one of them is a Person with a Disability. The purpose is to provide information, awareness and interaction of the athletes of the local population with students – athletes with disabilities.


Participation fee: 15 euros

Benefits: event t-shirt, commendation, medal, beer voucher and skewers


Participation fee: 10 euros

Benefits: event t-shirt, commendation, medal, voucher for soft drink and skewer

Immediately after, a beach party will follow with a DJ set, many surprises and various events around the park! We continue with “Open Horizons”, a 5 km dynamic walking race, without timing and classification, in which the participants will donate the cost of their participation (5 euros) to any association / institution of our city they wish from the following: Center Day Care for Autistic Children “Megalochari”,Cultural and Sports Association “Kyttaro Halepas”, ELEPAP Chania, Support Group “Synanthropos”, Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities “Arion”, Center for Day Care – Employment of Persons with Disabilities K.I.F.A. .AMPA, Voluntary Association Friends of the Annousakeios Foundation of Kissamos”, I read for others, Syssitia Splantzias, Pancretian Sports Association for the Physically Disabled & Paraplegic “Eagles of Crete”,Center for the Prevention of Addictions and Promotion of Psychosocial Health of the Chania Regional Unit, Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of People with Mild Autism Spectrum Disorders – Asperger of Chania Prefecture, Chania Student Volunteering Network “Dimofilos” , “Horizon” Association. The day will end with a “Pilafi Party”.

Run to sign up! Run to support those who need you!

Registrations take place at the Orizontas offices (17 Manusogiannakidon, tel.: 2821079650, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30 – 15:00 & 18:00 – 20:30 and Tuesday, Friday 8:30 – 15:00), at AQUA FIT Sporting Goods Store (Koroneou 4, tel.: 2821093498, store hours) and online at : www.yperkopeli.gr

We support people, we don’t forget the environment!

And this year the participants of Hyperkopeli will get the canvas bag with the logo of the organization, so that all the Hyperkopeli can contribute to the abolition of the plastic bag.

Become a volunteer or sponsor too

Contact “Orizondas” on phone 28210 79650 or go to Facebook at www.facebook.com/chaniayperkopeli

The entire event is carried out by the Sports Club of the “Orizondas” club, with the aim of informing the world, raising awareness of our club’s programs, promoting volunteering, promoting the project and other associations/institutions/social structures and gathering money to support our city’s families in need.

“Orizondas” is a non-profit association, founded 15 years ago in our city, with the aim of supporting financially, morally and psychologically, mainly children who have been affected by cancer and need hospitalization in Greece or abroad.

“YPERKOPELI” turns 10 years old this year and invites all of you to celebrate together, promote the message of solidarity and support those in need!